School is back in session and with that comes increased exposure to viral and bacterial infections.  We teach our children to wash their hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and cover their mouths when they cough.  Still children and adults alike seem destined to catch some type of cold or flu bug during the school year.  Fortunately there is more we can do to protect ourselves.  With proper nutrition we can build up our immune systems to make our bodies strong enough to fight off these bugs we are exposed to.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Super Immunity is a nutritional guide for boosting our bodies natural defenses.  In the book he discusses the pros and cons of flu shots, the use of antibiotics, and proper nutrition.  The book also highlights some top super foods to build super immunity.  These foods are readily available and easy enough to include in our diets.  They are:

  • Kale/collard greens/mustard greens
  • arugula/watercress
  • green lettuce and cabbage
  • broccoli and brussel sprouts
  • carrots and tomatoes
  • onions and garlic
  • mushrooms
  • pomegranates
  • berries (all types)
  • seeds (flax, chia, sesame, sunflower)

Try some of the listed greens in a salad with pomegranate  and sunflower seeds.  Add some flax and chia seeds to your morning smoothie with berries.  Roast some brussel sprouts or carrots.  Saute mushrooms and broccoli in a stir fry.  Make a tomato sauce or soup with extra onions and garlic.  The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy boosting your immune system!

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