If you know me or have read my story, you know that food is a big part of my life.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about food.  When I am working on a recipe I often think about how fortunate I am to pick and choose different components and make what sounds good to me.  The possibilities and access to ingredients is endless.  We are blessed.  So when my husband and I make our charitable giving decisions, we always try to include organizations that put food in the mouths of people who need it.  One of the ministries we support locally is The Sheridan Story started by Mill City Church.  The church meets in the auditorium of the Sheridan school in Northeast Minneapolis.  Over 90% of the students at Sheridan school qualify for free or reduced lunch, and approximately 65 of the 600+ students come from homeless or highly mobile families.  The Sheridan story sends the children home with backpacks full of food every Friday.  Without these backpacks, most of those children would have nothing to eat over the week-end.  When I lived in Michigan, I worked for the Grand Rapids Public School as Commissary and Catering Manager.  It was eye-opening for me to discover that for many of the students there, the school breakfasts and lunches were the only meals they ate.  It inspires me to see The Sheridan Story recognizing this same need in Northeast Minneapolis, and doing something about it.  They are committed to loving and serving the students there.

There is a really cool lifestyle and activewear boutique in Wayzata called Maha.  The owner of the store, Krista Fragola started a wonderful program called the Maha Movement.  Each month she selects a customer of the month and a charity of that customer’s choice.  Maha donates 10% of the proceeds from all purchases made every Monday of that month to the selected charity.  I am honored to be Maha’s customer of the month for June and the charity I chose is The Sheridan Story.  So if during the month of June you are shopping for high performance workout wear, beautiful clothing, great jewelry or a fun handbag, stop into Maha on a Monday.  Not only will you find a stylish addition to your wardrobe, you will also help support The Sheridan Story.  Maha is located at 631 Lake Street East in Wayzata.

The Sheridan Story


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