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Blood oranges are in season right now and they make the most beautiful and delicious juice. I love using the juice to make cocktails or mocktails like this Blood Orange Margarita. The ruby color makes it perfect for your Galentine or Valentine celebration. Cheers!❤️

For 2 drinks:

4 oz blood orange juice
2 oz lime juice
4 oz tequila or NA tequila or club soda
2 oz orange honey syrup 
Pinch of salt

For the full recipe follow the link in my profile or go to

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate, and gifting healthier Homemade Chocolate Bars is the perfect way to let your loved ones know how special they are to you. This recipe is fun to make because you can customize them with the type of chocolate you like and any additions you desire. Nuts, seeds, dried and freeze-dries fruits, puffed quinoa, toasted coconut, salts and spices are all great options. For the full recipe click the link in my profile or visit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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