Homemade Mayonnaise

In Recipes On October 3, 2011 0 Comments

Homemade mayonnaise is simple to make and doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives.  It has good flavor and is great to have on hand for making creamy dressings and… Read More »

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Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad

In Recipes, Salads On September 26, 2011 0 Comments

This beautiful salad features one of fall’s best super foods, the pumpkin.  I was inspired by the cute little pie pumpkins  I have been seeing at all the… Read More »

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Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

In Recipes, Smoothies On September 21, 2011 0 Comments

This smoothie is a great post-workout recovery drink or back-to-school breakfast.  I like to use frozen bananas because it gives the smoothie a milkshake-like consistency.  I am a… Read More »

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

In Recipes, Soups On September 15, 2011 0 Comments

Yesterday was our first day of crisp fall weather.  As much as I live for summer here in Minnesota, I really do love fall.  I enjoy the beauty… Read More »

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Grilled Cuban Corn

In Recipes, Sides, Vegetables On September 8, 2011 0 Comments

About 2 years ago I met my sister in New York city for a few days.  She is a Senior women’s apparel designer for a sportswear company out… Read More »

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Campfire Burritos

In Entrees, Recipes On September 7, 2011 0 Comments

Cooking burritos over a campfire is a fun way to enjoy a meal together.  Your family and guests get to be involved in preparing the food.  Start by… Read More »

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

In Movies, Recommends On September 1, 2011 0 Comments

My friend Patricia recommended my husband and I see the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”, so we  watched it on Netflix last night.  It is an amazing… Read More »

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Maple Glazed Salmon with Fresh Peach Salsa

In Entrees, Recipes On August 30, 2011 0 Comments

I received some beautiful organic Colorado peaches from my fruit share last week.  My family went through them pretty fast, and we had just a few left this… Read More »

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Healthy Eats at the Fair

In Places, Recommends On August 27, 2011 0 Comments

My daughters and I went on our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday with my mom.  In the great sea of everything fried and on a… Read More »

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Summer Squash Pasta

In Entrees, Recipes, Sides, Vegetables On August 24, 2011 0 Comments

Using squash for pasta is a delicious way to include more vegetables in your diet.  It also makes a great alternative for people who can’t eat wheat.  To… Read More »

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