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June 10, 2022

Blogger creates recipe book to help cook your way toward better health.

“What you eat can impact your overall health,” says Emily Maxson, a Plymouth food blogger and the author of Emily’s Fresh Kitchen Cookbook. Transforming her love for tasty food into a passion for healthful eating, Maxson headed to the kitchen when her health took a turn for the worst. 

One morning back in ’98, Maxson woke up with a debilitating pain in her abdomen. At the emergency room, doctors assumed she was having issues with her appendix. Unable to detect the source of the pain through an ultrasound, they sent her into the operating room to address what they thought was appendicitis. What was supposed to be a 45-minute procedure turned into a four-hour surgery to remove a small part of intestine damaged from her undiagnosed Crohn’s disease. 

Purchase your signed book today.

I am excited to announce that my cookbook “Emily’s Fresh Kitchen: Cook Your Way to Better Health” is available! This cookbook features 113 delicious and easy to prepare recipes the whole family will love. Most are gluten-, grain- and dairy-free, but some include more standard ingredients. Many follow the SCD guidelines. The majority are adaptable to different dietary needs.

emily's fresh kitchen cookbook hardcover
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